​Safety Tips To Observe While Using Scissor Lifts

​Safety Tips To Observe While Using Scissor Lifts

15th Jan 2020

Question: How can one stay safe while using scissor lifts?

Scissor lifts are very crucial for material handling applications. Most users find them useful especially in cases where using heavy machinery like forklifts is not convenient. However, scissor lifts are also susceptible to accidents and should be handled with proper care. According to OSHA here are three areas that you should focus on to ensure you are safe while using scissor lifts.


One of the major causes of accidents when it comes to scissor lifts is instability. Ensure that you set up the scissor lifts on level ground to prevent movement during operations.

The structure of the scissor lifts is also not strong enough to survive strong winds over 28 miles per hour. Therefore if you are setting up outside ensure the winds are not very strong.

Maintaining the scissor lifts is also a great measure to ensure it's parts are not weakened by corrosion to the extent of giving in to your weight.

Fall Prevention

Falling off the scissor lift is also a common occurrence and can lead to very fatal injuries in cases where it is raised very high. You should, therefore, ensure that the guard rails of the scissor lifts can contain you within the safe area in case of a slip.

Also, ensure that you set up the scissor lift close to the working area to ensure there is no need to lean in which could make it unstable.

It is also wise to ensure that you do not stand on the rails at any point when the scissor lift is elevated.

Proper Positioning

The scissor lift should also be positioned in a way that it does not come into contact with both moving and immovable objects.

While it is being raised watch out for any dangerous overhead objects or fixtures like electric wire lines or protruding lamp posts.

If you are operating in a space like a warehouse make sure that the scissor lift is not on the path of forklifts and other vehicles within the same space.

Article Summary

Three things you can do to ensure that you are safe while using scissor lifts;

Set up the lift on level ground and away from strong winds for proper stability.

Check that the guard rails are in proper working condition to prevent falling off.

Survey your work area to ensure the scissor lift does not act as an obstacle after set up.

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