Resilient Solids & Pneumatics

Pneumatic tires, aka "air" tires, come as tubeless and tube-type tires, and are constructed in different "ply ratings", which is the number of plys of rubber used to make the tire. A higher number of plies result in a more durable tire construction. Most construction of industrial pneumatic tires are bias ply tires, which allows for higher load capacities, vs the more speed friendly radial tires, but we do offer sizes of radial tires for industrial applications. For more options, contact us

Various Sizes of Pneumatic Style Forklift Tires

Resilient solid tires, aka "solid pneumatic" tires, are solid tires that are pneumatic-shaped, and can replace pneumatic tires on split and lockring wheels. There is usually no need to replace the wheel, but solid resilient tires do require an industrial press to mount. You can buy solid tires on wheels for popular forklifts here. Resilient solid forklift tires are made in pneumatic size variations and compounds like solid rubber non marking tires.

   Missing a lockring? A new resilient tire-type that replaces the lock ring on your wheel is the EZ fit tire. These are for lockring-type wheels but with a Quick Heel so no lock ring is needed. The lockring is built-in to the tire, making the need for a lockring non-existant. These lockring tires are also often called click-type tires, clip-type tires, or lip-type tires. This is because the wheel "clips" on the "lip" of the tire, resulting in a "click" sound. Although it does make it easier for the pressman to mount, these still require an industrial press to install onto the wheel.