• 22x8x16 General-Usage Cushion Solid Tire

    General-Use Forklift Solid Cushion Tire

    22x8x16 Black Rubber Forklift Cushion Solid Tire

    Exceptional Performance Cushion Rubber Forklift Tires Type: General Use Industrial | Cushion Solid Tire in Traction   U.S. Distributions. Independent Industrial Leading Brands. Exceptional performance cushion forklift tires. Large Full Size...

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  • Millennium Forklift Solid Cushion Tire

    22x8x16 Made In USA Cushion Solid Tire

      Millennium USA | Premium Solid Tire Type: Cool Runner Standard Black  Designed for a broad range of industrial applications Cool Runner® is created by chemists focused on extending the physical properties of rubber compounds to...

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  • Example Photo: Monarch Tread and Sidewall

    Monarch Forklift Solid Cushion Tire

    22x8x16 Monarch Cushion Solid Tire

      Trelleborg Monarch | Premium Solid Tire Type: Mono-Cushion® Standard Black  Designed to provide maximum comfort, wear, and energy efficiency Mono-Cushion® is a crown profile that provides a comfortable ride, great traction and...

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