18x8x12 1/8

The 18x8x12-1/8 forklift tire is a solid press-on tire which go on press-on rims aka industrial wheels. The rubber type of solid press-on tire is often called a "cushion tire", as the rubber tire allows for a built-in cushion compared to their even more solid counterpart, the polyurethane press-on tire. 18" Tall, 8" Wide bonded on 3/8" steel press-on ring and will mount on a press-on type 12-1/8" wheel. The ID is +/- 5/1000th of an inch.

  • 18x8x12-1/8 Smooth Cushion Press On Tire. Forklift Tire Best Choice Rubber



    18 x 8 x 12-1/8 CUSHION PRESS-ON FORKLIFT TIRERubber Black SolidSmooth Tread HIGH LOAD CAPACITYCUT AND WEAR RESISTANCEPUNCTURE PROOF PERFORMANCE Outside Diameter (in): 18 Section Width (in): 8 Inside Diameter (in): 12-1/8 U.S. DELIVERY. QUALITY...



  • 18x8x12-1/8 Made In USA Cushion Solid Tire



      Millennium USA | Premium Solid Tire Type: Cool Runner Standard Black  Designed for a broad range of industrial applications Cool Runner® is created by chemists focused on extending the physical properties of rubber compounds to...