TR220A Valve

TR 22O 


Technical Details

It is designed with a stem length of 1.19 inches.

It works perfectly for a 0.625-inch rim hole.

It has a maximum inflation pressure of 150 psi.

It can be used with liquid ballast.

It is usually held in place with the LN10 Rim nut.

Ideal For:

You will find these tire tubes most useful with road graders. 

  • 16.00R24/25 Radial Grader and Earthmover Tire Tube TR 220A



    16.00R24/25 OTR TUBE  Heavy Duty Tube with TR 220A Stem Type: Short Straight Metal Valve Stem For Graders, Loaders, OTR Equipment tires. For Radial or Bias Tires Fits Tires for Equipment: 16.00R24, 1600x24, 16.00-24, 16.00R25, 16.00x25, 16...