TR15 Valve



Technical details

It has a straight stem length of 1.38 inches.

It has a base diameter of 2.20 inches.

It has a stem diameter of 0.65 inches.

It can handle an inflation pressure of 60 psi.

It should be used in a 0.618 and 0.633-inch rim hole.

Ideal for;

They are great for industrial tubes, passenger, light trucks and front farm tractors. However, you should never use them with liquid ballast

  • 14x17.5 Loader Tire Tube with TR-15CW Stem



    14x17.5 New Tire Inner Tube Fits: 14x17.5, 14-17.5, and 17.5" Inner Diameter Applications Stem: TR-15CW / Short Rubber Valve Stem Application: Used on 14-17.5 Pneumatic Skid Steer Tires or Other Applications Shipping: Commercial or...