Tire and Wheel Tips

Smooth Operations: The Cushion Tire Advantage

Posted by forklifttire.com on 9th Mar 2024

Press-on type tires are made with either rubber (Cushion) or polyurethane (Poly), which is molded directly onto a 3/8" steel ring, to be then mounted onto a press-on wheel.While pneumatic-ty … read more
Expert Insights

​Understanding Forklift Tire Tread Patterns

Posted by forklifttire.com on 31st Jan 2024

Forklift tires are important for warehouse efficiency and safety, even though they may not be the first thing you think of. Just as shoes affect our feet, forklift tires affect performance and safe … read more
Tire and Wheel Tips

​A Buyer’s Guide to Farm Tractor Tires

11th Jul 2023

We all know of the importance of tractors in agriculture. Whether you practice intensive or extensive farming, tractors are crucial for various agricultural processes, such as plowing, tilling, sow … read more