​The Three Key Personal Protective Equipment A Forklift Operator Needs


​The Three Key Personal Protective Equipment A Forklift Operator Needs

​The Three Key Personal Protective Equipment …

20th Dec 2019

Personal protective equipment are very crucial for keeping you safe during forklift operations. They are not only key as a preventative measure against accidents but can also minimize the extent of possible injuries from an accident. In this article, we look at three important personal protective equipment - safety gloves, safety boots and safety hats (hard hats).

Safety Gloves

A forklift operator's hands just like any other body part are usually exposed to potential injuries during their shifts. It is for this reason that the forklift operators are required to always have their safety gloves on to minimize the risk of injuries. However, there are different brands of safety gloves with different features that can make settling on one difficult.

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Safety Boots

You will also be exposed to different environments in the course of work that demands additional protection.

One P.P.E( Personal Protective Equipment) that has always proved helpful for environments like construction sites is the safety boot or safety footwear. However, for most applications, not just any safety boot will do as you need to ensure they offer adequate protection against the potential threats specific to your work environment.

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Safety Hat (Hard hat)

Another vital PPE that you will need to have on during operations is the hard hat. A hard hat will be vital in protecting you from poorly stacked loads that suddenly fall exposing you to the risk of head injuries. In case of a slipping accident, you are also exposed to head injuries that you will be protected from by the hard hat. During winter, you can also get hard hats that are crucial to keeping your head warm.

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