TR77A / TR442 Valve

TR 442/TR 77A


Technical details

The TR 442 has a full height of 4.53 inches while the TR 77A has a length of 4.88 inches.

They both have a height to bend of 0.94 inches.

They both have a base width of 3.24 inches.

They both have a stem diameter of 4.13 inches.

They can handle a maximum pressure of up to 150 psi.

They are usually bent at an angle of 85 degrees. 

Ideal for: 

You will find the most useful in medium, light and heavy trucks.

  • 2.50x15 / 3.00x15 Forklift Tire Tube with TR-77A Stem



    2.50x15 / 3.00x15 New Forklift Tire Inner Tube Fits: 2.50x15, 2.50-15, 250x15, 250-15, 3.00x15, 3.00-15, 300x15, 300-15, and 15" Inner Diameter Applications Stem: TR-77A / Long Bent Metal Valve Stem Application: Used in 2.50x15...