How To select The Right Safety Gloves

How To select The Right Safety Gloves

14th Nov 2019

A forklift operator's hands just like any other body part are usually exposed to potential injuries during their shifts. It is for this reason that the forklift operators are required to always have their safety gloves on to minimize the risk of injuries.

In the market today there are different brands of safety gloves with different features that can make settling on one difficult.

Therefore the question of which safety gloves are the best can only be answered by narrowing down to the key factors that should qualify one as ideal for you. Let us take a look at them;

Proper Fit

Most shifts normally last for hours therefore if you are going to get safety gloves make sure they are a proper fit. Gloves that do not fit will make your operations unbearable since they are uncomfortable.

The discomfort usually stems from the tight gloves squeezing onto your fingers leaving them sore. Eventually, this will make it impossible to work. Such a situation can open you up to major safety risks as you will not be in a position to have proper control of the forklift.

You should also ensure that the gloves are breathable so that your hands don't become sweaty while the gloves are on. It can also be a source of discomfort.

Enhanced Grip

As a forklift operator in the course of your shifts, you will be expected to handle different things with your hands that require a proper grip. For instance, if you have to unload/load smaller boxes or just handling the controls on the forklift. If you lack a proper grip you risk loads falling off onto your feet and causing injuries.

You could also lose control of the forklift if you are operating in a wet environment and your hands are exposed to water making the controls slippery.

Hazard Protection

Even though forklift operators are expected to have their safety gloves on, the gloves should offer specific protection against the potential hazards you are exposed to.

For instance, you should have gloves that are capable of protecting your hands from exposure to battery acids, chemicals or leaking propane gas that can cause fatal burns when they come into contact with the skin.

If you are working during winter the safety gloves meant for cold environments should offer additional protection against the freezing temperatures that can result in frostbites.

Therefore always ensure that the gloves you purchase are a proper fit to offer you adequate comfort during the operation. They should also come with an enhanced grip for proper forklift control or firm load handling. Most importantly they should offer you protection against the specific hazards that your work environment exposes your hands to.

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