7.00x12-5.00" and 6.00-9 (4") Non-Marking Solid Resilient Tires | 4X DEAL

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7.00x12-5.00 and 6.00-9 4 Non-Marking Solid Resilient Tires or 4X DEAL


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[2 tires of each size]

7.00-12 General-Usage No-Mark Pneumatic-Shaped Solid Forklift Tire (5.0 Rim)

6.00-9 General-Usage No-Mark Pneumatic-Shaped Solid Forklift Tire (4.0 Rim)

Wheel Not Included


Technical Specs

  • Condition: New

  • Size: 6.00-9 and 7.00-12 

  • Rim Width: 4.0 and 5.0

  • Type: Solid Pneumatic

  • Origin: General-Usage

  • Model: Non Marking Rubber

  • Weight: 54lbs for 6.00x9 | 98lbs for 7.00x12

    6.00-9 Load Ratings @15 mph: 4,155.7 lbs for Drive Tire | 3,196.7 lbs for Steer Tire

    7.00-12 Load Ratings @15 mph: 6,437.5 lbs for Drive Tire | 4,938.3 lbs for Steer Tire

    6.00-9 Overall Diameter: 20.5" | Sidewall Width: 5.4" | Tread Width: Approx. 4.7"

    7.00-12 Overall Diameter: 25.4" | Sidewall Width: 6.8" | Tread Width: Approx. 5.9"


Two stage steel reinforced construction.

Non Marking Rubber - Cream Color


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