​Should You Purchase a Pre-owned Forklift?


​Should You Purchase a Pre-owned Forklift?

​Should You Purchase a Pre-owned Forklift?

5th Jan 2020

One of the tough decisions you will have to make at some point is whether to buy a brand new forklift or go for a used one. Well, used forklifts can prove beneficial to your business as we will see later on in this article. You can go for one based on your budget, efficiency needs, maintenance provisions and period of use. Let's take a look at some of the advantages in much detail.

Advantages of a Pre-Owned Forklift

Low Costs

Since an industrial truck like a forklift doesn’t come cheap, acquiring one that meets your budget is quite a relief. One of the ways you can ensure you are operating within such budget limits is by purchasing pre-owned forklifts since they are normally priced cheaper due to the depreciation that has happened over time.

Ease Of Use

The pre-owned models of forklifts have probably been in the market for a period of time so your operators will be familiar with them. This will not only make it easy for them to operate the forklifts but it will save the time they would have spent in retraining.

Availability of Parts

When it comes to maintenance you will have an easy time finding parts for your forklifts as they are easily available. You will also have the advantage of purchasing the parts at a much cheaper price thereby reducing your cost of maintenance by a great margin.

Variety Of Options

Different business operation always need specific forklifts for efficiency. Newer models of forklifts usually don't offer this kind of diversity as opposed to older models which have been tried and tested. So you are most likely to meet your business needs through a used forklift as you have a pool to choose from.

Quicker Acquisition

A long process is usually involved in the purchase of brand new forklifts which can delay your businesses processes. On the other hand, the used forklifts are usually much simpler to acquire and will save you crucial time. Therefore if the work you need the forklift for is urgent you should go for a pre-owned forklift instead of a new forklift whose acquisition involves a lot of paperwork.

Disadvantages of a Pre-Owned Forklift

Higher Maintenance Costs

Pre-owned forklifts have obviously been subjected to prolonged use, therefore, they pick up wear and tear very easily. It is also highly likely that you will end up spending more when it comes to their maintenance to ensure they are in good working condition.

Warranty Issues

Some of the pre-owned forklifts usually come with no warranty or a warranty with limited time left on it. Therefore as a business owner, you are exposed as you might have to foot some of the costs of malfunctions from your own pockets. Insurance for pre-owned forklifts is also on the higher side as they are more exposed to damaging wear and tear.

So should you go for a pre-owned forklift? Well, that will depend on your needs. You can go for one if you are working with a tight budget, you want to eliminate the need to retrain your staff, want a variety of options, or value easy access to spare parts. However, you should be aware that pre-owned forklifts can be costly to maintain over time and come with no warranty. So before you purchase one make sure you get a detail report on the forklift you are interested in. 

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