Forklift Tires Guide – Understanding Forklift Tires & Maintenance


Forklift Tires Guide – Understanding Forklift Tires & Maintenance

Forklift Tires Guide – Understanding Forklift…

21st Mar 2018

Forklift Tires Guide – Understanding Forklift Tires & Maintenance

The Forklift is the Workhorse of Modern business. We supply forklift tires to businesses in the United States the best way we can. 

Selecting the Right Tire for Your Ride

Pneumatic tires are what half the forklifts in the world run on. They run on pneumatic tires due to its versatility. They can be useful in many different applications. Typically these tires come with a tube and a flap, and if that is what is needed, then you'll be sure to get it as a set. These are known as TTFs, or Tire, Tube. and Flaps.

In a warehouse situations with more consistent and smoother surfaces, the tires were simplified and solidified and turned into a Cushion Tire, sometimes known as a Cushion Press On tire or a Solid Press On tire. These come in different compound versions, Black Rubber being the most popular, versatile, and of the most value. Scuffing can be an issue in some applications like forklifts for food storage or pristine applications, so the Cream Non Marking Tire and the Grey Non Marking Tire were created. With the rise of electric forklifts, the most popular type of cushion tire for this application is not a cushion tire, it's made of a harder compound with less drag, the Polyurethane Tire.

Polyurethane Tires can be made in different forms for different applications. We can make the standard 92A compound, the most versatile of compounds used in applications worldwide. For food storage, we have the SPS compound, the softer compound, to deal with slick situations. For heavy load and high use, we have the Hyload compound. All of our polyurethane tires are made in the USA.

Now let's not forget  that there is also an update on the pneumatic tire side as well. While companies deal with flatproofing tires, a solid pneumatic tire could be your solution. Yes, in most to all applications, if you're flatproofing a tire, there's a solid tire that will do the trick. So we made it easy for you to choose the right solid pneumatic tire for you in the whole industry. 

We bring Trelleborg OEM products to U.S. businesses in the most convenient way possible. The Trelleborg EliteXP is the industry standard solid pneumatic tire, sold on millions of forklifts worldwide. 

We make Millennium USA products available to US business straight from their USA manufacturing facilitiy. Because of this, we can make what you need happen.

And for the cost effective, old reliable, the High Quality Import is our network solid pneumatic tire of, connecting the best distributors of the best import tires so that you, our customers, get the best deal on the best solid pneumatic tires for forklifts

Forklift Tires Categories: Rubber Tires, Wheels, Poly Tires, TWAs

Rubber tires are either pneumatic air tires or solid tires. Solid Tires can be either cushion tires or solid pneumatic tires.

Wheels, or Rims, are what a rubber tire is mounted on, and in turn the wheel is then mounted onto the forklift. We can make wheels to your specifications. We can make that happen for you with the right information.

Poly tires, made of Polyurethane is an efficient tire, and a US manufacturer and a provider like is the best solution to keeping your uptime solid.

TWAs, or Tire and Wheel Assemblies, is the solution to changing your forklift tires in a single swoop. Get it all done with TWA Packages

How to Measure a Cushion Tire or Polyurethane Tire

Measure the wheel diameter first. This will get you where you need to be. That is the very last number in the sequence. 

The middle number is the width of the tire.

The Height of the tire is the first number. 19 inches tall, 7 inches wide, and a 15 inch tall wheel is probably a 21x7x15. Because the original height of the tire was 21 inches. Time to order online with Forklift Tire Company -

How to Measure a Pneumatic Tire

Measure the Diameter of the Wheel first. That is the 12 in 7.00-12, or 9 in 6.00-9

Then measure the between the Wheel and the top of the tire, and that is 7 in 7.00x12

How to Measure a Solid Pneumatic Tire

Measure the width of the rim carefully. This is important in some tires to get the perfect fit

Load & Inflation Pressure

It is always wise to have the air pressure in your tires to the correct level and have your tires visit the auto-clinic every month for a checkup. Moreover, heat buildup from regular use has the potential to increase pressure by around 15 psi, so it is critical that you check your wheels.

A cautionary note to all forklift handlers out there, never attempt to lower tire air pressure by bleeding it, this increases heat buildup and you should also cover the valves to prevent dirt and debris from getting inside the tires.

Proper Driving

You get good use for your legs by walking properly, walking awkwardly can leave you with a sprained ankle or worse a shattered femur. Therefore, the same principle applies to forklift driving and its tires. Good driving habits are necessary to realize the full potential of your tires. Common sense dictates you cannot do a doughnut with a forklift, neither can you do a handbrake turn with it due to science and the physics of Force, nor can you make high-speed corners. Reduce sharp sudden starts, breaks and turns, these only wear out the tire quickly.

Your tires will serve you to a ripe old age if you drive sensibly and carefully, worn out tires aren’t the only cause of concern here, accidents and potential death is also a factor to consider.

Do you have any questions regarding measuring forklift tires? Feel free to ask and also if you have anything to share do so in the comment section. We’d love to hear your views.