Why You Should Consider 3-Wheel Forklifts


Why You Should Consider 3-Wheel Forklifts

21st Jun 2021

Question: What are some of the benefits that come with using three wheel forklifts?

Forklifts normally come in diverse sizes and functionalities which make them fit for the different kinds of jobs out there. One type of forklift that has been growing in popularity is the 3-wheel forklift. It's majorly found in warehouses of retail businesses or distribution centers.

What They Are Good For?

Warehouses With Limited Spaces

As the inventory handled within a warehouse grows in volume several space-saving measures are normally taken. The result in most cases is usually a warehouse with smaller aisles. In such a warehouse that has limited space, the 3-wheel forklifts can be valuable for the operations as they have the ability to maneuver effortlessly in tight spaces due to a small turning radius.


If you are operating on a tight budget then the 3-wheel forklift should be a natural pick for your warehouse operations. The reason for this is that they are normally cheaper compared to the 4-wheel forklifts. However, before you settle on one you need to be sure that it is capable of meeting your needs adequately.

Warehouse Safety

Unless they are overloaded the 3-wheel forklifts are good for safety compared to their four-wheel counterparts. One of the reasons for this is their smaller turning radius which means the chances of any form of tail swing accidents happening is greatly reduced especially in tight aisles.

What They Are Bad For?

Intense Outdoor Work

If you need a forklift that you can use for outdoor work then this forklift is not ideal for your operations. It comes with tires that are quite tiny and will prove difficult to operate on gravel or any form of rough terrain. You will, therefore, find them only ideal for indoor application in warehouses with smooth floors.

High Capacity Work

Since they come with three wheels, their structure is less stable compared to the 4-wheel forklifts. For this reason, the 3 wheel forklift is not ideal for handling high capacity loads making them limited when it comes to the capacity of the loads that you can use them for. Their structure also makes them quite unstable when they are making a turn once loaded.

Therefore if you are hit with the dilemma of which forklift to choose for your warehouse, the 3-wheel forklift should be your first pick as long as it meets your capacity needs. You will love it that they take up little space making them ideal for squeezed aisles. Since they are not expensive you will find them pocket-friendly especially if you are operating on a tight budget. However, they are not good for outdoor work and they tend to be unstable when turning while loaded. You should also know that they come with a lower capacity. 

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