​Why The Shrink Wrap Is Key To Material Handling


​Why The Shrink Wrap Is Key To Material Handl…

19th Jul 2019

Question: What are some of the benefits of using the shrink wrap for material handling operations? 

The shrink-wrap is a popular polymer-based plastic film that is common in material handling for wrapping goods.

Normally after the wrapping, it is usually shrunk using heat application so that it provides a tight-fitting seal over the goods.

For you to get the most out of the shrink wrap you must first ensure you purchase a quality one and wrap it at least 3-5 times over the goods before heat application.

It is also important that as you are doing the wrapping you twist the wrapping to produce a very tight wrap which is key if it is to hold the goods properly.

While you are transporting goods it is wise to also wrap the top of the pallet to ensure the load does not fall off during transportation with a forklift.

Perhaps you are wondering why the shrink wrap is so important for material handling, here is why;

Protection Against Moisture And Dust

The goods in the warehouse are usually exposed to all manner of elements like moisture and dust that can destroy the goods.

Using the shrink wrap offers extra protection to the goods as it is both moisture and dust proof.

It also proves helpful during transportation of the goods over long distances where they are exposed to such elements.

Aids Theft Detection and Prevention

One of the benefits of the shrink wrap is that it provides a tight durable cover to goods.

It is therefore very difficult for anyone to tamper with the goods and in case there is any incident of theft it will be detected effortlessly.

You will, therefore, be able to take appropriate action on time.

Helps Space Maximization Efforts

Storage of goods can be quite hectic especially when space is limited.

Well, the shrink wrap takes up little space compared to other storage methods like the use of boxes.

You can, therefore, use them extensively to support your space maximization efforts.

Prevents Damage During Transportation

Transportation of improperly packaged goods usually opens them up for damage especially in the event of a falling.

However, when it comes to the shrink wrap the load is tightly held together and to the pallet to ensure they cannot fall while being transported by a forklift.

You will, therefore, avoid the costs normally associated with damages.

Flexible To Accommodate Different Goods

You are probably going to handle different sized goods during transportation.

A challenge can present itself when it comes to ensuring all these goods are properly stored.

However, with the shrink wrap, you don't need to worry about that as it can be used to wrap different sized goods to perfection.

Therefore if you care about the durability and safety of your goods you should consider using the shrink wrap. It will protect them from dust and moisture. You will easily identify goods that have been tampered with and take appropriate action. Using one is also helpful for your space maximization efforts. They are also flexible enough to accommodate goods of different sizes.

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