​Three Reasons Why Floor Markings Are Key To Warehouse Safety


​Three Reasons Why Floor Markings Are Key To Warehouse Safety

​Three Reasons Why Floor Markings Are Key To …

28th Nov 2020

One of the ways you can enhance the safety in your warehouse is through the use of floor markings. OSHA recommends appropriate markings to be made on areas designated as aisle or pathways as it helps reinforce precaution. In this article, we look at the top three reasons why such markings play an important role in warehouse safety.

Help In Controlling Traffic

Operations in a busy warehouse demand careful navigation if unnecessary accidents are to be avoided. Therefore floor markings play a big role in enhancing safety as they can be used for safety efforts like indicating the speed limits on given floors. This helps the forklift operators to adhere to safe speeds at all times. They also help direct both the pedestrians and the forklift operators on the pathways to use and the direction to take for smooth traffic flow.

Help In Identifying Key Areas

When the workers can easily find their way around the warehouse then accidents can be reduced to a great degree. For instance, the pedestrians will know the areas that are off-limits to avoid getting crushed by forklifts. Markings really help with this as they show the workers the directions to key areas such as the loading docks, hazard-prone areas, and emergency exits.

Help In Warehouse Organization

When a warehouse is organized then one direct benefit is the reduction of accidents. Markings are a crucial component to an organized warehouse as they are used to demarcate areas in the warehouse that are meant for a specific purpose like parking or charging. For instance, when workers come to an area that is clearly marked for parking they will know to proceed with caution. It will reduce the chances of accidents like tripping on the forks or getting crushed.

You should therefore really consider having markings as part of your warehouse safety efforts. You will find them useful since they play a very huge role when it comes to controlling the traffic in the warehouse, identifying the key areas in the warehouse to aid precaution and bringing a level of organization in the warehouse that is key for safe operations.

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