​The Key Benefits Associated With Stand-On Forklifts


​The Key Benefits Associated With Stand-On Fo…

10th Jun 2019

Question: What are some of the benefits of using stand-on forklifts?

The stand on forklift has a very unique design. Instead of seats like those of seat-on forklifts, it offers the operator space to stand in order to comfortably operate the forklift.

Although its unique design has come under criticisms like failing to adequately protect the operator during accidents like a tip over, they come with numerous benefits.

Let's take a look at some of those benefits;

Wide Field Of View

When a forklift operator is able to survey their work-space effortlessly it makes it easy for them to uphold safety.

Compared to the seat-on forklift, the stand on forklift comes with the advantage of offering the operator the ability for a wider field of view.

Since they operate it while standing, it is very easy for them to shift their body position to ensure they have a better view of the direction of travel.

It makes it easy for them to spot any pedestrians or obstacles on their paths to prevent collisions or tip-overs.

Warehouse Efficiency

As the operations of a warehouse grow, the need for additional space becomes a priority. When the management of a warehouse decides that the best thing to do would be to reduce the aisle space the kind of forklift that they can use is also affected.

In such cases, the stand on forklifts normally is more preferable as they come in small designs that can effortlessly fit in narrow aisles.

If the warehouse goes for the stand-on forklift then they create an opportunity for more efficient operations as the work of the operator in terms of retrieving and storing inventory is made easier.

Increased Alertness

A great number of forklift accidents result from the forklift operators not being alert due to fatigue.

However, stand on forklifts offer a different mode of operation that helps fight this since they are operated while standing.

The fact that the operators are standing ensures that the blood circulation in the body system is unhindered which is known to boost the body's alertness by a great degree.

Therefore, using the stand on forklift can go a long way in boosting the safety of your operations.

Operator Safety

When it comes to the operator well-being the stand on forklifts ranks very highly.

First, they play a major role when it comes to preventing neck strain common to operators on a seat-on forklift due to constantly turning while reversing to get a better view.

Standing also ensures that the operator avoids arching their back which will later develop into backaches.

Since this variety of forklifts do not come with seat belts, they are easy to dismount from in case of emergencies which can enhance the safety of the operators during certain accidents.

Therefore, if you run operations that require constant reversing and operating between narrow aisles, this is the right forklift for you. It will offer your operators a wide field of view, comfort during reversing and increased alertness. 

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