Should You Consider Regrooving Your Forklift Tires?


Should You Consider Regrooving Your Forklift …

18th Jun 2019

One of the components of a forklift that needs proper maintenance and care is the forklift tires. If they are kept in good condition, they impact the business positively in terms of efficiency, profits and safety.

An important aspect of the tires is usually the tread that helps it achieve most of that. However, wrong applications like skidding or forklift overloading have always damaged the tire treads creating a scenario where you have brand new tires with really worn out treads.

In such cases, regrooving, which is basically restoring the treads into good condition, has always been a great option to renew the efficiency of the tires.

However, the ability for a successful regrooving depends on two things; First, you need to ensure that you are using quality tires for it to be effective as low-quality tires can greatly dimish effective regrooving.

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Secondly, you have to ensure that the tire regrooving service that you are using is quality otherwise the impact of the process will end up being more costly than you anticipated.

Advantages Of Regrooving Tires

Cost saving

Regrooving tires costs much lower, therefore, it can be a great cost saving measure for you.

In most cases, if you purchase quality tires you have the opportunity to regroove them at least three times before you can dispose of them and replace them with new tires.

Since the new treads boost the efficiency of your tires it helps to make your operations more profitable.

Fuel Savings

When forklift tires are regrooved they tend to operate much more efficiently. Some of this efficiency normally occurs from improved rolling resistance compared to when they are bald.

Now bald tires have been shown to accelerate the fuel consumption rate and retreading can help reverse this process.

Environmentally safe

The rubber that is used to make forklift tires can be damaging to the environment once it is disposed of. Since the regrooved tires offer you an opportunity to prolong the use of your tires it delays you from disposing of the tires sooner which is good for the environment in the long term.

They are Long Lasting

Regrooving your tires makes them last longer since you bring them back to proper condition for operations multiple times. You are therefore assured of using the tires for a much longer period than if you were limited to only using them as long as the treads they were manufactured in are in good condition.

Disadvantages Of Regrooving Tires

Reduced efficiency

Even though regrooving your forklift tires comes with several benefits the process does not guarantee you the same efficiency as new tires. This is true especially if you do not use a quality regrooving service the stability of the forklift tires can prove weaker especially at high speeds.

Therefore when your forklift tires are still new but their treads are worn out you can consider regrooving them. It will help reduce the costs of replacement, impact fuel savings, prolong their life and also reduce environmental pollution.

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