Is It Time To Consider Cushion Tires?

6th Jul 2019

Question: What are some of the benefits of using cushion tires?

Cushion tires are some of the most popular tires when it comes to material handling.

They are entirely made of smooth rubber and are usually ideal for indoor use on smooth floors.

If some of your considerations when it comes to tire purchase are based on factors such as budget, space, and improved efficiency then you will find them ideal for you, here is why;

Low Maintenance Costs

The manufacturing process of cushion tires is much simpler than that of pneumatic tires.

One advantage of this is that it makes them quite cheaper than their pneumatic counterparts, therefore, both purchasing and their eventual replacement won't be a costly affair.

Since they are made of solid rubber they are not exposed to punctures like pneumatic tires and this will eventually translate to low maintenance costs.

Great For Saving Space

Cushion tires also tend to be very small which makes forklifts fitted with them very easy to maneuver around the warehouse.

You will find it very easy to make turns, especially in tight spaces since they come with a very small turn radius. A small turn radius is helpful for limiting tailback accidents which are common place in narrow aisles. 

This feature also makes them ideal for space saving initiatives in the warehouse that demand solutions like close racking.

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Good For Boosting Efficiency

Since they are made with a smooth outer core, cushion tires are a very good bet for indoor work.

You will find them ideal for smooth indoor warehouse floors in which they offer better traction.

In the end, this normally translates into better efficiency and improved safety as the stability of the forklift is enhanced.

The conclusion

Although the cushion tires are great for indoor work on smooth floors they come with several advantages. Since they are made of rubber you will incur very low costs when it comes to their maintenance and replacement. If you are looking to redesign your warehouse to make good use of the space then you should consider them. You will also find them great for boosting efficiency as they offer better traction on smooth floors.

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