​Instances Where Removal Of a Forklift From Service Is Recommended


​Instances Where Removal Of a Forklift From Service Is Recommended

​Instances Where Removal Of a Forklift From S…

21st Jun 2021

Operating a faulty forklift can be quite detrimental to your warehouse safety efforts. Therefore it is always recommended that anytime you notice that your forklift is experiencing malfunctions it's taken out of service. In today's article, we look at some of the scenarios where it is ideal to take your forklift out of service.

Overheating Engine

When the engine of a heavy machine like the forklift malfunctions then there is cause for concern. One of the most common causes of engine malfunctions is overheating. Normally when this happens it's because there are low coolant levels or the radiator screens are clogged. It's usually a problem that can be picked out during pre-inspection and corrected but when it's ignored the appropriate remedy is to take the forklift out of service for proper maintenance.

Noticeable Defects

The pre-operation checks on forklifts play an important role in ensuring they are safe for operations. If properly done it can help you notice any defects on the forklift that have the potential to render it unfit for normal operations. Some common noticeable defects are usually the cracks on the forks, gouges on the tires and clogged radiators that eventually lead to overheating. In an event that defects are noticed, the forklift should be taken out of service and only qualified personnel given an opportunity to correct them.

Leaking Fuel

Some problems with the forklift will only be noticed during the operation of the forklift. One such problem is the leaking of fuel from the fuel tank which is commonplace. The leaking usually ends up creating a mess that will result in slip and fall accidents. When this fuel also comes into contact with the rubbers tires it corrodes them accelerating their wear and tear. Fuel is also combustible and when left to leak exposes the warehouse to possible fires. Therefore, when you notice any leak take the forklift out of service.

Exhaust Sparks

Another possible cause of warehouse flames is the engine sparks or flames observed on the forklifts exhaust. Once noticed the forklift should be taken out of service so that it's engine can be checked for any possible problems. Only after it has been given a clean bill of health by qualified maintenance personnel should it be brought back to service.

Recent Accidents

Accidents involving forklifts are common in the warehouse, especially where busy operations are involved and safety standards are not adhered to. In most cases when a forklift is involved in accidents like tip-overs it can lead to serious damage to its parts. Some of these damages might not be externally visible which makes the forklift dangerous to operate. It is therefore crucial that such a forklift is taken out of service so that proper maintenance can be done on it.

Therefore when you begin operating your forklift and notice the engine is overheating ensure it is checked. You should also take the pre-operation checks very seriously as they will help you note some defects the forklift has. If the forklift fuel system is leaking fuel and the forklift itself was in a recent accident ensure it is examined by qualified maintenance personnel before operation. 

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