How Tire Chains or Tire Studs Can Benefit Forklift Tires During Winter


How Tire Chains or Tire Studs Can Benefit Forklift Tires During Winter

How Tire Chains or Tire Studs Can Benefit For…

2nd Apr 2019

The onset of winter normally presents a very unique challenge when it comes to forklift operation. Once the combination of snow and ice begins to accumulate, traction of the forklift tires is deeply diminished making it hard to do any meaningful work.

So What is The solution?

Luckily there are two ways by which you can make the forklift much easier to operate in such conditions. You can either go for tire chains or tire studs. While the tire chains are usually meticulously wrapped around the tires the studs are drilled in them carefully without causing them any damage. Of what benefit are these two options? Read on to find out.

Helps Regain Traction

The forklift tires usually come with treads that are supposed to give them traction on normal surfaces. However, this is usually inefficient when it comes to running over accumulated snow that is also mixed with ice as the tires slide off which very is unsafe. Therefore, the only way you can make your forklift tires to regain traction is by going for the tire chains or tire studs. They will make it very easy for you to operate on the snow quite effortlessly and with regular speed as if you were on dry ground.

Helps Breaks Down the Ice

A frozen surface can be very dangerous to operate on with naked tires as it is slippery. This can lead to forklifts crushing and causing avoidable accidents and damages. Tire chains help reduce the chances of this happening as they crush into the ice influenced by the weight of the forklift. The end result is that the ice will break up into tiny chunks. These tiny chunks are easy to operate on as they improve the overall traction of the tires making the forklift more controllable.

Helps During Turning

Making a turn in a snow-filled surface remains one of the toughest things to do for a forklift operator. However, the tire chains solve this problem perfectly as they help stabilize the forklift enough for it to be able to make a turn without tipping over. The stabilization of the forklift is simply due to the tire chains crushing into the ice to give the forklift a higher level of traction than is possible using the normal tires.

Therefore next time you have some work in winter when there is an accumulation of a mix of snow and ice don't get stressed about it. Just make sure you get your tires fitted with some tire chains or tire studs. They leverage the weight of the forklift to ensure they break into the ice and improve traction of the forklift. You will then have an easy time operating the truck, especially during turns which are commonplace in forklift operation. 

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