Five Ways You can Keep Your Warehouse Organised


Five Ways You can Keep Your Warehouse Organised

Five Ways You can Keep Your Warehouse Organis…

4th Sep 2020

Business efficiency can really be impacted by the use of proper organization. In today's top five posts we are going to look at some key measures you can use to ensure your warehouse is more organized.

Make Cleaning Equipment Readily Available

A lot of trash is generated during warehouse operations. It could be litter from packaging or just oil spills. If a warehouse does not have cleaning equipment readily available for such situations then the end result will be a warehouse full of clutter. Therefore it is important for you to designate areas within your warehouse where cleaning materials are readily available when needed. You will make it very easy for employees operating on a tight schedule to ensure they clean any mess that is created on the go.


Make Use Of Fleet Management System

There is no reason why you should not invest in fleet management software as they come with many benefits. For instance, they have the ability to generate periodic reports that can help you in analysis and identification of gaps that have an impact on your operations. Using one will also help you in the allocation of your fleets to the different jobs in the warehouse in a more efficient way that eliminates chances of idle forklifts.


Restrict Areas In the Warehouse For Pedestrians

A good warehouse design should factor spaces where pedestrians are safer. One of the ways this can be done is through the use of pedestrian walkways that can either be defined using barriers or stripping on the floor. The purpose of this walkways is to ensure chances of contact between the forklift operators and the pedestrians is limited thus reducing chances of accidents.


Integrate The Use Of Floor Markings

Operations in a busy warehouse demand careful navigation if unnecessary accidents are to be avoided. Therefore floor markings play a big role in enhancing safety as they can be used for safety efforts like indicating the speed limits on given floors. This helps the forklift operators to adhere to safe speeds at all times. They also help direct both the pedestrians and the forklift operators on the pathways to use and the direction to take for smooth traffic flow.


Ensure Your Operators Are Trained

Even though all these measures are important you can never go wrong with properly trained operators. When an operator is well trained on operations that involve the loading dock area they are in a better position to spot potential hazards e.g wet floors and initiate a proper response to them. Training is also key as it inspires behavioral change on the part of the operators to reduce cases of carelessness that lead to loading dock accidents

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