​Five Industrial Battery Hazards And How To Prevent Them


​Five Industrial Battery Hazards And How To Prevent Them

​Five Industrial Battery Hazards And How To P…

10th Mar 2020

Since batteries form a very key component of forklift operations they should be handled with proper care and attention. Failure to do so can expose your workers and the entire business to devastating consequences. In today's top five article we look at some of the most common hazards posed by industrial batteries and how you can prevent them.

Potential Fires

The industrial batteries normally produce highly flammable gases like hydrogen during the charging process. One of the precautions you can take to see to it that there are no fires is to make sure that the area around the charging station is not exposed to sparks, flames or smokers. Another measure that you can take to prevent a fire breakout is to provide proper ventilation in the room to allow the flammable gases to disperse continuously.

Electrical Shorts

It is quite common for the forklift truck to develop malfunctions during operations. One of the most notorious causes is usually electric shocks that originate from the battery. The electric shorts are normally the result of water and acid droplets forming on top of a battery which has its vent caps either open or removed. Therefore, always ensure that the vent caps are not removed at all.

Electrocution Risk

You can easily be electrocuted by a battery that is not properly handled. One of the ways that this can happen is if you leave the top of the battery wet during charging. When you come into contact with the wet area you will get electrocuted. To prevent this always ensure you keep the battery clean and dry. You can also get electrocuted if you place metallic objects like tools or jewelry on top of the battery. Always use insulated tools and remove your jewelry while handling a charging battery.

Overheating Battery

When you allow your battery to overheat it's life cycle will significantly be reduced. One of the ways that batteries usually get overheated is while they are charging. For this not to happen ensure you make an allowance for a cooling down period that will limit the chances of the battery overheating . It will also go a long way in ensuring the battery has a longer life and is not prone to breaking down during operations which is one very costly affair.

Burns From Battery Acids

One of the key components of a battery is the electrolyte which can be very dangerous if not handled with proper precaution. Electrolyte contains acid and is usually corrosive with a potential to cause fatal injuries like burns. You should always wear protective gear like goggles, face shields, and rubber gloves while handling batteries to protect you from such injuries.

Therefore always ensure there is proper ventilation in your charging area so that you limit the build-up of flammable gases. You should also keep the battery dry during charging to avoid getting electrocuted. It is also important to wear protective gear that will see to it that you are protected from accidents like acid burns. Since batteries normally heat up during charging, make sure you provide them with a cooling down period to prevent overheating. 

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