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No One Gets You Up and Running Faster!

Our huge selection and inventory is certain to include what you're looking for thanks to our nationwide network of proven suppliers and vendors across the country.

If you run a business that demands reliable "day-to-day" performance out of your forklift...

You'll find OEM premium-grade options on solid rubber tires.

Solid polyurethane tires -- in compounds suitable for standard, soft-ride, or heavy-load applications -- are also available.

Our entire inventory is competitively priced. In fact, you'll find many items "pre-marked" at a discount!

We ship FREE to commercial addresses throughout the lower 48 states!

We offer "four-or-more" bulk pricing on nearly every tire in our vast catalog.

Why not replace a complete set for less?

Finally, if you're in the market for even more savings, check out our pre-owned tires, wheels, and wheel assemblies.

We always stand behind our products and services 100%.

"Coast-to-coast" availability.

Fast and FREE shipping.

Special discounts, bulk pricing, and pre-owned savings.

Four generations of industry know-how.

"World-class" customer service and order fulfillment.

The choice is clear...

Nobody delivers "peace of mind" sales and service for industrial wheels and tires better than Forklift Tire Company!

When you depend on a forklift, depend on us!

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Troy Rudnick

Fourth Generation Co-Owner of Forklift Tire Company

P.S. You can trace back to my great-grandfather who founded Ben Rudnick Tire Company of Los Angeles, California in 1926...nearly a century ago! My grandfather then continued with this retail tire business in Los Angeles through the 40s, 50s, and 60s. My father, wanting to focus on the emerging industrial tire market, ran a successful forklift tire and installation business in Los Angeles, California for 30 years, and now serves the industrial tire market nationwide. But we've never forgotten our local roots...


If you need on-location forklift tire installation in or around Los Angeles, California... Please Contact Us!

Our mobile forklift wheel and tire installation team promises to take care of you quickly, easily, and headache free!


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