Forklift Tire Company, Inc. was established 12/21/2012 by Troy Rudnick (Son) and Tom Rudnick (Father). Tom Rudnick got his start in the Forklift Tire business in 1975 while working for his father Jerry Rudnick, who also worked with his father for many years in Los Angeles, CA, under Ben Rudnick Tire Company. As the production of forklifts grew, as well as the aftermarket business, Tom and his dad Jerry began transitioning from the Retail tire business to the Industrial tire business, specifically tires for the booming workhorse, the Fork Lift.
Tom found a love in the emerging Forklift tire business; it was a "heavier" business, but he knew that he was in an industry that would continue to grow through the years. While running a successful solid tire pressing and used tire business in Los Angeles, Tom saw his son Troy grow up with computers and the internet, and, knowing that this was the future, began an eBay store so that he can share his knowledge and offerings with the expanded market of the internet. Troy was learning more about web management in school, and was shown the real-life potential of the internet by his father. 
In 2011, after experimenting with his own ecommerce site, Troy's Tires, Troy decided to join forces with his father and start working under a new domain, 
By the start of 2013, Tom and Troy began Forklift Tire Company, Inc., specializing in tires, wheels, and products for all types of industrial equipment.
Tom's oldest son, Jay, was recently added to the roster, who began in this business from the "ground floor", doing things like organizing tires, pressing, regrooving, flatproofing, and more, while working for his dad in his teenage years. 
Today, Forklift Tire Company, Inc. is family-run, with a family history in the tire business since 1926. Tom often jokes about how Ben, at the time, was replacing Solid tires to Pneumatic tires (on automobiles) during his time in the tire business, and now Tom was replacing Pneumatic tires to Solid tires (on forklifts). We are providers of industrial tires, wheels, and other products for forklifts and industrial equipment, now serving the whole of the United States of America, and the world.
We appreciate the continued business and opportunities throughout the years, and we will strive to continue to provide solutions and service to our customers for years to come.