​Why You Need Rough Terrain Forklifts For Outdoor Work


​Why You Need Rough Terrain Forklifts For Outdoor Work

​Why You Need Rough Terrain Forklifts For Out…

13th May 2019

Question: Which are the best forklifts for outdoor work?

If you happen to do a lot of outdoor work in diverse environments then a rough terrain forklift is ideal for your operations. They usually come in a very different design compared to the normal indoor forklifts and for a good reason. The design is meant to give them stability, efficiency and make them less costly even in the face of intense work that they normally do. In today's article, we look at the three key factors that give the all-terrain forklift an edge for outdoor work.

Diverse Outdoor applications

The outdoor environment can be very challenging to operate a forklift in especially during weather changes. One of the reasons why the outdoor terrain forklift is the best for external use is the simple fact that they are designed to survive all kinds of harsh weather. Therefore, you will not experience any kind of downtime that usually results from challenges like the forklift getting stuck due to unfavorable weather.e,g snow build up. You will also get to spend less on maintenance since they can do strenuous work with little damage to the main parts which are built to last long with the proper maintenance.

Tire Design Offers More Traction

The all-terrain forklifts also offer more when it comes to efficiency since their tires are designed differently. Their tires are usually large and they come with much deeper treads. Given the nature of rough terrains, these features give them a high level of stability that makes the forklift more efficient when applied on wet slippery surfaces or slopes. Stability is also crucial for the prevention of fatal accidents. You, therefore, get value for your money as you get to do more while spending less.

Adequate Ground Clearance

One of the reasons why indoor forklifts are not ideal for outdoor applications is their lack of ground clearance. All terrain forklifts overcome this challenge since they are sufficiently raised from the ground. This feature ensures you can use them in different environments that present different challenges without any problems like getting stuck. The fact that they are raised with a wide base means they offer more stability for any kind of intense work.

Therefore, a rough terrain forklift is a great investment to make for your outdoor applications. You will find them more convenient to use for a range of outdoor applications. Their specially designed tires give them an added advantage when it comes to traction. Since they offer better ground clearance you are less likely to experience downtime that results from getting stuck.

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