Understanding The Parts of An OTR Tire

Understanding The Parts of An OTR Tire

22nd Jan 2020

OTR Tires which is a short form for "Off The Road Tires" are tires that are designed to be effective in surfaces like mud, loose dirt and gravel without any paving. You will find them commonly used on large outdoor trucks like Earth-movers, Loaders, Bulldozers, and Graders. One of the distinctive features these tires usually have is their tread designs and sizes which are vital for different operations. In these series of articles, we are going to look at the different parts of an OTR tire that you should be familiar with.


The tread is the outermost part of the OTR tires that comes into contact with the surface in which the operations take place. Their most important function is to provide traction to the tires to ensure the truck is stable all through the operations. OTR tires usually come with different tread patterns and depth to serve different functions.


The carcass of an OTR tire is the innermost part just below the treads and separate from the sidewall that forms the internal structure of the tires. It usually acts as a container for the compressed air once the tires are inflated. It is made of rubber and steel which makes it firm enough to absorb extreme shock with minimal damage.


The tire belts are usually found between the beads and the carcass. They provide stability to the tire treads and provide a firm surface area on either side for the attachment of the tread to the carcass. They also protect the carcass from damage resulting from the shock due to the stress on the treads in harsh environments.


As the name suggests the sidewall of OTR tires is the rubber material that connects to the treads from the sides. It is usually designed to give it a high level of flexibility to absorb shocks during operations. The rubber they are made of is also of high quality to prevent damage due to perforation by sharp objects.

Inner Liner

The inner liner is a thin layer of rubber and is usually found between the carcass and the compressed air. It is air resistant and therefore plays the important role of preventing the loss of air from the OTR tires during strenuous operations. Inner liners are commonly found in tubeless tires where they replace the tire tubes.

The Beads

The beads play the role of ensuring the firm attachment of the OTR tires to the rims to provide an air-tight lock once the tire is fully inflated. They can achieve this role thanks to the beads wires made of steel that run along the length of the beads. They also come with a bead bundle that provides them with a firm structure for effective mounting on rims.

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