​Tips For Safe Mounting/Demounting Of Forklift Tires


​Tips For Safe Mounting/Demounting Of Forklift Tires

​Tips For Safe Mounting/Demounting Of Forklif…

4th Dec 2019

For busy warehouses, tire mounting and demounting is very common however it can be a very risky process.

It is therefore important that proper precautions are taken to ensure that the process is done in a way that exposure to the risks involved is limited.

Let's take a look at some of the most important safety tips to keep at the back of your mind for a successful mounting and demounting process.

Proper Training

The place of training when it comes to proper tire mounting cannot be over-emphasized since several advantages come with it. First, it makes it comprehend manufacturer specifications and handle the tires from that perspective.

It also makes it easy to implement safe procedures when it comes to the safe mounting and demounting of the forklift tires and the identification of the proper tools to use for every crucial step.

Inspect The Tire For Damage

Throughout use tires usually experience some level of wear and tire that leads to cuts or bulges.

Such tires are usually at a very high risk of bursting during demounting and this exposes the maintenance people to injury.

You should make it a point to inspect tires before mounting or demounting for such damages.

Deflate Tires Properly

You should also never attempt to demount a tire that is not deflated.

It is not only difficult enough to demount a tire that is still inflated but you run the risk of piercing the tire during the process.

The rapid loss of air that results easily exposes the tire to an explosion that can lead to serious injuries.

Use Proper Lubrication

It is standard procedure that before you can demount a tire successfully, you need to break into the bead seal which forms between the beads and the rims.

It is usually followed by prying into the tires and this uses a lot of force.

To ensure that you do not damage or fracture the tire beads with this force the use of a lubricant is necessary. It reduces friction between the tire beads and the tools used.

Use An Tire Inflation Cage

Inflating a tire after mounting it on a rim can be very risky due to the danger of the tire exploding.

One of the most effective ways to limit the exposure to this explosion is using a tire inflation cage.

The inflation cage confines the tires and will limit a tire that bursts within the cage thereby protecting the fitter.

Article Summary

Proper training of the person handling the process.

Proper inspection of the tires before demounting/mounting.

Use of lubricants while breaking bead seals.

Deflate the tires before the demounting process.

Making use of the tire inflation cage for the inflation process. 

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