​Three Reasons To Consider Solid Pneumatic Tires


​Three Reasons To Consider Solid Pneumatic Ti…

9th Jul 2019

Question: What are some of the benefits of Solid Pneumatic Tires and why should one consider them?

Pneumatic tires are air filled and have proven most useful for outdoor applications. They also provide operators with a very smooth ride that leaves them less fatigued.

On the other hand, the solid pneumatic forklift tires are either made through foam filling or manufactured using solid rubber. They are mostly ideal for indoor applications.

Over the years, the solid pneumatic tires have grown in popularity and in this article, we look at some of the reasons why you should consider them. However even as we do that, it is important to first highlight some of the benefits that the pneumatic tires come with.

Benefits of Pneumatic Tires

They are filled with pressurized air that gives them shock absorption qualities that are beneficial to both the forklift and the operator.

Most of the shock that is generated during operation is not transferred to the forklift since the air absorbs it. This reduces the rate of wear and tear.

For the operator, they will end up less fatigued during long shifts making them more productive.

These tires also come with the advantage of deep treads that are good for traction especially in outdoor applications like construction.

Normally this translates into better stability which is key to safety in external environments where the terrain is usually uneven.

Here is Why You Should Make The Switch

Even though pneumatic forklift tires come with several advantages, you could benefit more by making a switch to the solid pneumatic tires especially for indoor applications.

Lower maintenance costs

Since solid pneumatic tires are usually made of solid rubber or they are foam filled they are less susceptible to damage.

You will find this feature useful when operating in an environment where the tires are exposed to sharp objects as you will be less likely to experience punctures.

Eventually, you will find yourself spending less money on maintenance costs which is one of the benefits of the solid pneumatic tires.

Unaffected By Shifts In Temperatures

Significant temperature fluctuations in the environment normally affect the pressure levels in the pneumatic tires.

When its hotter the pressure in the tire increases causing inflation. On the other hand when the temperatures fall the tire pressure decreases causing a deflation.

However, solid pneumatic tires do not experience these changes as they are made of solid rubber which remains unaffected by external temperature fluctuations.

This enables them to deliver consistent results and less downtime across all shifts.

Reduced Replacement Costs

Replacing forklift tires can prove very costly over time. Pneumatic tires are especially prone to this since frequent damage sets them up for regular replacement.

The cost incurred overtime will eat into your profits. However, all is not lost as you have the option of using the solid pneumatic tires that have a longer life cycle in comparison since the hard rubber makes them less likely to experience damage.

Therefore the solid pneumatic tires are the best when you are considering cutting your tire maintenance costs. Unlike the pneumatic tires, they are unaffected by the variations in the temperatures. If your application is based on an extreme environment you will love these tires as they will reduce the rate at which you will need to replace tires due to damage. 

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