Three Fluids To Check Before Operating A Forklift


Three Fluids To Check Before Operating A Forklift

Three Fluids To Check Before Operating A Fork…

4th Sep 2019

Vital forklift parts like the hydraulics, engine, and brakes usually need the input of oils/fluids for proper functioning. These fluids perform better when they are sustained at the required levels.

It is therefore important to perform pre-operational checks that focus on the fluid/oil levels.

Let's look at three important fluids/oils that you should always check before starting operations.

Brake Fluid Levels

Since you will do a lot of stops during operations your braking system needs to be in great working condition. For this to be possible your braking system needs to have sufficient brake fluid.

The brake fluid normally works using compression force to ensure the braking components of the forklifts work swiftly when engaged.

However, this fluid degrades when exposed to moisture or it can leak leaving the brakes in poor working condition. You can establish the brake fluid levels by checking the brake fluid reservoir.

Hydraulic Fluid Levels

Heavy machinery like forklifts cannot operate without the right amounts of hydraulic fluids. This fluid plays a vital role in energy transmission, transfer of heat, lubrication, and protection against contamination.

In forklifts, this fluid is critical for the efficient working of the mast controls and the steering.

You can always find out if your forklift has the right amount of hydraulic fluids by checking the levels using a dipstick.

However, when you are checking the levels, always ensure the forks are lowered to the ground level otherwise you will get wrong readings.

Engine Oil Levels

Your forklift's engine also needs to be replenished with the right amounts of quality engine oil for it to function properly. When the engine oil loses its viscosity the engine begins to heat up rapidly and later experiences accelerated wear and tear.

The engine oil should be replaced at the intervals prescribed by the manufacturer. You should also check that the oil filters are in great working condition as they affect the quality of the oil.

Engine oil that is not properly filtered will allow in minute particles that accumulate and destroy the engine.

Therefore, before you can use your forklift for operations ensure you check the brake fluids, hydraulic fluids, and the engine oil levels. If they do not match the recommended levels ensure they are properly replenished.

However, using the wrong fluids can be counter-productive so the replenishing should only be done using manufacturer recommended oils.

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