Safety Features To Inspect While Purchasing A Used Forklift


Safety Features To Inspect While Purchasing A Used Forklift

Safety Features To Inspect While Purchasing A…

9th Jul 2021

Finding a used forklift that is in good condition is a delightful thing. However, as usual, your safety should always come first and so apart from having working key components there are some safety devices that your forklift needs to come with. Some of these features like seat belts are for your own safety while others like horns and back-up alarms guarantee the safety of pedestrians in the warehouse. Let's take a look at some of them in detail.

Seat Belts

One of the most common accidents that normally happens during forklift operation is a tip-over. When a tip over happens the forklift operator is usually thrown around violently. If the forklift operator does not have any safety device that restrains them they can easily be thrust out of the forklift leading to major injuries. Therefore, ensure that the used forklift that you are looking to purchase has seat belts to keep your operators safe in case of a tip over or just any other similar accident.

Back-up Alarms and Horns

Another way forklift accidents usually occur is when a forklift is reversing and ends up crushing a pedestrian on its path. Most of the times this is due to the fact that the pedestrian was unaware of the reversing forklift and the operator could not respond in good time. However, the chances of such an accident happening are reduced when the forklift has back up alarms that alert the pedestrians of the reversing forklift. Also, make sure the forklift has working horns that will alert the pedestrians of an oncoming forklift especially when they are on the path of the forklift.

Direction Signals and Mirrors

If you happen to run a busy warehouse then you understand that it is designed with multiple aisles to improve on access and efficiency of operations. Such warehouses usually require the use of several forklifts for optimal productivity. Therefore, a key safety device you should look out for is a working direction signal. The key benefit of this device is that it will help the operators communicate better amongst themselves and with other workers to avoid collisions. Something else that will help to avoid accidents during navigation is the mirrors since they play a big role in ensuring that the operator can effortlessly survey their environment.

Tail or Brake Lights

Again if you run a busy warehouse then high traffic is something that is common during normal operations. Therefore make sure that the forklift has tail or brake lights that are designed to alert other workers when the forklift is in operation or when it is about to make a stop. Having these lights will help your operators to communicate better to reduce the chances of accidents by a high degree. Another set of lights that you should ensure is in good working condition are the headlights that signal pedestrians of oncoming forklifts in low light environments.

Overhead Guard

There is no telling when an elevated load is going to come falling down, however, it is important that you are prepared when it happens. One of the safety features that will help in a big way against falling load is the overhead guard. You should check and see to it that it is in good condition to protect you, if not then make sure that it is replaced promptly before you can make the purchase. 

Of course this list is not exhaustive of all the safety features you should look for but these are the main ones.  They cover both the safety of the pedestrians and your operators who will work more efficiently with their safety guaranteed. 

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