Polyurethane Tires Tread Designs That Are Ideal For Wet Floors


Polyurethane Tires Tread Designs That Are Ideal For Wet Floors

Polyurethane Tires Tread Designs That Are Ide…

11th Aug 2019

Polyurethane tires are increasingly playing a very important role in the material handling industry due to their diverse applications.

One of the applications where they are proving more productive is on wet floors or cold storage areas.

For such areas, they are usually grooved or sipped so as to drain water from the point where the tires meet the floor for improved traction.

We have provided you below with illustrations that can help you differentiate between the different grooves and sipping for polyurethane tires.

1. Regular Polyurethane Tire

regular polyurethane tires

2. Center Grooved Polyurethane Tire

Center Grooved Polyurethane Tire

3.  Router sipped polyurethane Tire

Router sipped polyurethane Tire

4. Diamond Sipped Polyurethane Tire

Diamond Sipped Polyurethane Tire

5. Thin sipped Polyurethane Tire

Thin sipped Polyurethane Tire  

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