OTR Tire Tread Designs And Their Different Applications


OTR Tire Tread Designs And Their Different Applications

OTR Tire Tread Designs And Their Different Ap…

31st Jan 2020

The applications of OTR tires are usually diverse therefore they come in different tread designs that ensure efficient operations. The five common tread designs - Rock pattern, Traction pattern, Block pattern, Ribbed pattern and Smooth pattern tread designs.

In addition to the tread designs, these tires also come in different tread thickness - Regular, Deep (1,5 times thicker than regular), Extra deep (2,5 times thicker than regular).

Rock Pattern Tread Design

They are ideal for use in rocky areas where the damage of the tires by sharp rocks is highly likely. Their pattern is meant to reduce damage due to sharp rocks while at the same time maximizing traction.

Common Applications: Earth movers, Graders, Loaders.

Traction Pattern Tread Design

They are ideal for rough terrains where traction is a priority. Their treads form a pattern that is meant to provide them with proper stability on any rough surface. When mounting these tires, it is important to ensure the pattern on the tread is aligned with the movement of the front wheels.

Common Applications: Loaders and Dozers, Grader, Earth movers.

Block Pattern Tread Design

OTR Tires with this tread designs are usually ideal for use in soft surfaces like mud that limit the movement of heavy trucks. The block pattern treads which have a wide tread width are meant to neutralize the weight of a loaded truck to reduce contact pressure. A flotation effect that is created to allow for ease of movement.

Common Applications: Earth movers

Ribbed Pattern Tread Design

OTR tires with this design usually have the tire tread running parallel to the direction of travel. Tires that have this design have a low rolling resistance which is good for fuel economy. You will find some with lugs running across the shoulder of the treads. They are ideal for use with free-rolling axles.

Common Applications: Tractors and Trailers.

Smooth Pattern Tread Design

The smooth pattern tread design does not have any grooves on it and is ideal for applications where traction is not a high priority. However, you will find some with grooves on the sides meant to measure wear and tear on the tires.

Common Applications: Compactor, Loader and Dozer.

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