​Is It Time You Considered Forklift Side Shifters?

​Is It Time You Considered Forklift Side Shifters?

12th Oct 2019

Question: I have been considering forklift side shifters for a while, would you recommend them?

Forklift attachments play a very big role in boosting the efficiency of warehouse operations. One of the forklift attachments that is increasing meeting this need is the forklift side shifter.

Side shifters work with a mechanism that allows them to move load sideways without the forklift itself making any movement. Others are advanced enough to allow for the shifting of the tines. You can either source them in single or double units depending on whether you want to handle one or two pallets simultaneously. 

You have the option to either install the side shifter after the purchase of the forklift or purchase a forklift with the side shifter already integrated into it by the manufacturer.

So why should you consider side shifters?

Ability To Operate In Tight Spaces

Side shifters can be very crucial in the aftermath of warehouse space maximization efforts which often result in narrow aisles. In most warehouses where the aisles are narrow, tailback accidents are common. However, with side shifters, the risk of tailback accidents is greatly diminished since only the load is moved while the forklift remains stationary.

Ability To Position Load In Racks

You will also find side shifters crucial for your operations if it involves packing load on racks or shelves. The improperly packed load will not only cause instability in the racks but also expose pedestrians to the risk of falling loads. To avoid this you can employ the use of side shifters to properly pack the racks to achieve overall safety.

Ability To Properly Load Forklifts

It's not every time that loads will be properly aligned to the forklift's position. In such cases, if the operator is on a tight schedule they will either waste time or fail to position the load and ensure stability. However, side shifters make this simple as they not only reduce the amount of time needed to secure the load but also ensure it is properly secured to guarantee stability.

You should note that side shifters that are not integrated into the forklift by the manufacturer usually reduce the load capacity of the forklift. This occurs because the side shifters increase the weight of the forklift and shift the load centre outwards. 

However, side shifters are definitely important for your work. You will find them important for operating in tight spaces, transporting loads while stably secured on the forks, and reducing the risk of loads falling off racks. 

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