Important Tips To Follow While Using An Order Picker


Important Tips To Follow While Using An Order Picker

Important Tips To Follow While Using An Order…

21st Jun 2021

Order pickers belong to the Truck II classification of lift trucks and they are usually much smaller than forklift trucks.

Apart from their size, their other differentiating factor is that they have a carriage attached to the mast which acts as the operator's station during operation.

Since they involve elevation of an operator while loaded an immediate threat to safety is very real.

Therefore in today's article, we are going to look at some of the safety tips that an operator should observe to ensure they avoid casualties or damage to property.

Use Fall Protection

There is a chance that the operator can fall off an elevated order picker, therefore, several measures should be taken to protect against falls.

First, the operator should always ensure their harness is set and working properly before use. The order picker should also have side guards to prevent the operator from falling off the platform in case of a slip.

The surface of the carriage should be made of non-slip texture to avoid slipping.

Proper Use of Pallets

Measures should also be taken to prevent loads from falling off the pallet and getting damaged.

Pallets that are damaged can easily give in to the weight of the load therefore always check if your pallets are in great condition.

Order pickers also come with a clamp used to hold the pallets in position preventing them from slipping off the forks. The clamps should also be checked if they are functioning properly during the pre-operation inspection.

Operators should be encouraged to avoid stepping on the pallets.

Operator Training

Like every other lift truck, the order pickers come with a recommended capacity beyond which operations become unsafe.

You should, therefore, ensure that you properly train your operators so that they know how to read the capacity plates.

Training will also help them adhere to the general safety rules and regulations set for the operation of order pickers. Instances of over-speeding, traveling with the order picker with raised load or over debris will be minimal.

Therefore even though order pickers are great for operation in high intensity warehouses their threat to safety is very real. You should ensure that your operators observe measures that prevent falling off the order picker. Supply them with pallets that are in good condition and take them through vital operator training. 

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