​Importance Of Using Trained Scissor Lift Operators


​Importance Of Using Trained Scissor Lift Operators

​Importance Of Using Trained Scissor Lift Ope…

18th Jan 2020

Scissor lift accidents are some of the most common causes of accidents that involve ariel lifts. For this reason, OSHA has over the years been on the forefront in ensuring organizations employ the use of properly trained scissor lift operators for their operations. In this article, we look at the three most important reasons that you should consider using a licensed scissor lift operator for your operations.

Identifying Potential Hazards

Scissor lifts like any other heavy machinery are exposed to hazards that can make both operators and other workers victims of fatal accidents. Some of these hazards are environmental hazards, instability, incorrect positioning and lack of functioning guard rails on the scissor lift. licensed scissor lift operators can easily identify these hazards and take the requisite measures to rectify them.

Inspection and Maintenance

Equipment used in material handling should always be in proper working condition for safety purposes. One of the most effective ways of doing so is by putting the equipment through consistent inspection and maintenance. Timely inspections operators recommend much-needed repairs on the affected scissor lift parts before they become widespread. Only operators who have gone through proper training would prove to be helpful in such instances.

Proper Operation

Like most material handling equipment, anyone operating a scissor lift must be well versed with its proper operation in any given environment. Training will ensure that the operator does not engage in mistakes like leaning on the guard rails, blocking the path of other equipment operators, and improper positioning of the scissor lift. It will also ensure they are experienced in the efficient loading and moving of goods on the scissor lift.

Summary Of Key Points

It is important to ensure the people operating scissor lifts in your warehouse are properly trained because;

It will help them identify and respond to hazards before they lead to fatal accidents.

Conduct proper inspection on the scissor lift and recommend appropriate maintenance.

Engage in the proper operation of the forklifts to ensure both safety and efficiency.

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