How To Pick The Right Pallet Jack

How To Pick The Right Pallet Jack

4th Aug 2021

Warehouse operations become efficient when the movement of goods from one spot to another is made easy. One of the tools that have been used for ages to do this effectively is the pallet jack also known as a pallet rack.

They play a very important role in pallet racking systems as they make it easy to move heavy load safely. Since the nature of the warehouse operations defer there are different types of pallets jacks that you can pick from for a perfect job. They are;

Electric Walk-Behind Jack

As the name suggests this pallet jack is powered through the use of a battery and it is ideal for making the movement of goods easy. It is operated through the use of simple buttons that ensure the load is lifted up and down effortlessly.

Ride On Pallet Jack

While the Electric Walk Behind Jack only allows you to drag it to the destination once it is loaded, the Ride On Pallet Jack goes an extra mile and offers you a platform you can stand on and maneuver it around. It enables the operator to do more with very little effort.

Manual Pallet Jack

This pallet jack is the most simple there is and is ideal for only lifting loads on pallets over very short distances. It is fitted with a lever with a simple mechanism that allows the operator to lift and lower the load by pumping the handle up and down repeatedly.

Now that we know the different kinds of pallets jacks, what are the factors that you should consider while selecting one?

Load Capacity

Just like forklifts, pallet jacks come with their set of safety issues and one of them is overloading. When you go out looking for a pallet jack, the ideal one is the one that meets the weight requirements of the load you usually handle. Failure to ensure the pallet is of the right weight capacity can lead to their damage and possible injuries on the operators.

Size Of Your Pallets

Another thing that you should consider when you are selecting a pallet jack is the length of its forks compared to your pallets. The size of your pallets should be a key determinant on the length of forks that you need. If you pick forks that are shorter you risk moving load that is unstable. On the other hand, a fork that is longer than your pallets will limit your movement during turns.

Maximum Height

A common accident that results from an overloaded pallet jack is tipping over with the load whilst it is raised. One way to ensure this does not happen is to pick a pallet jack that can be raised to your required height without strain when it is loaded. If you pick a pallet jack that meets your weight capacity and height needs you are guaranteed of its stability during operations.

Therefore, you can pick a pallet jack based on its functionality. For this option, you can choose from a manual pallet jack, an electric pallet jack or an electric walk behind jack. Another consideration that you should make is your specific needs and this could either be weight capacity, height requirements or the size of the pallets you will use them on. 

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