Four Things Every Forklift Operator Should Avoid


Four Things Every Forklift Operator Should Avoid

Four Things Every Forklift Operator Should Av…

9th Sep 2021

A good number of forklift accidents can be avoided if forklift operators adopt safety measures that are intended to limit the occurrence of accidents.

One of the ways you can ensure your operators adhere to such measures is by taking them through refresher training.

Some of these training are important as they can help them avoid some of the common operator malpractices that lead to accidents. Let's take a look at some of these malpractices;

Improper Stacking of Load

When loads are improperly stacked they risk falling over and causing fatal injuries to both pedestrians and forklift operators. Therefore while stacking load the forklift operator should always ensure they are stable.

The loads should not also be loaded on damaged pallets. They should also be aware of the different height requirements for stacking materials.

Another preventative measure is ensuring they receive proper training on potential hazards.

Manipulating the Counterweight

In most cases where the forklift is limited in weight capacity, the operators might be tempted to make illegal adjustments to guarantee its stability.

One of the ways they usually do this is by adding weights on the rear of the forklift so that they can exceed the Safe Working Load of the forklift truck.

This is not only damaging to the forklift but it can be a source of fatal tip-over accidents.

Adjusting Load Height While Mobile

Proper loading of a forklift requires that the operator only adjusts the height of the load while the forklift is stationary.

However, some forklift operators have the habit of adjusting the load's height while the forklift is mobile.

Doing this affects the stability of the forklift especially while making a turn leading to a tip-over accident.

Unbalanced Loading

Before a forklift operator can move any load they need to ensure that the load is properly loaded on the tynes. When a load is not well balanced on the tynes it opens up the forklift to instability.

One way forklift operators can improperly load a forklift is through the use of only one tyne to transport load.

Doing this is not only damaging to the tyne but opens the forklift operator to the risk of a tip-over accident.

Therefore during operations, every forklift operator should ensure that they avoid; improperly stacking load, tampering with the counterweight, adjusting load during travel and loading only one tyne on a forklift. It will go a long way in preventing unnecessary accidents. 

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