​Focus Areas For Effective Warehouse Safety Procedures


​Focus Areas For Effective Warehouse Safety Procedures

​Focus Areas For Effective Warehouse Safety P…

17th Oct 2019

Safety procedures are crucial to the well-being of personnel in any workplace. In workplaces like warehouses, the safety procedures are meant to ensure that man and machine operate in harmony without risking any lives and causing damage to property.

Let us look at three areas that you should focus on to ensure your warehouse safety procedures are effective;

Personnel Training

A lot of accidents that happen in warehouses are usually as a result of negligence on the part of machine operators. However, one of the best ways of reinforcing core safety measures is through the use of training.

Every personnel that operates heavy machinery should get initial training to equip them with the core requisite skills which should then be reinforced using frequent refresher training.

Training gives them a high level of insight that is key for following set procedures.

Key Benefits of Personnel Training

Safe operation of the heavy machinery.

Proper use of Personal Protective Equipment.

Detailed Pre-operation and Post-operation inspection of Equipment.

Operating while being mindful of traffic or pedestrians.

Equipment Maintenance

It is recommended that you take your heavy machinery for routine maintenance after being in operation for several hours. The maintenance on the machinery will prevent any form of premature wear and tear that will reduce the useful life of the equipment.

You should also ensure that the equipment is only maintained by professionals.

Any safety guidelines that do not provide for equipment maintenance is bound to fail.

Key Benefits of Equipment Maintenance

Easy maneuverability for safer operations.

Reduced chances of accidents due to parts failure.

Lower emission of toxic gases.

No slips and falls due to leaked fluids.

Warehouse Design

A warehouse design that focuses on the different entities in the warehouse and how they interact during operations is key to safety. An optimal warehouse design should ensure smooth flow of operations by synchronizing the different processes that work together.

It should also make it easy to access the different areas needed by different players without creating opportunities for collisions. Safety procedures that are not supported by an optimal warehouse design will remain quite risky for personnel.

Key Benefits of Optimal Warehouse Design

Easy flow of traffic to avoid collisions.

Adequate space for operating of heavy machinery.

Reduced chances of goods falling off shelves.

It makes it easy to label Hazardous zones.

Therefore ensure that your safety procedures are supported with frequent training of personnel, proper maintenance of equipment as recommended and employing the use of optimal warehouse design. 

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