​Five Tips For Proper Forklift Rim Wheels Care

​Five Tips For Proper Forklift Rim Wheels Care

6th Dec 2019

Forklift rims wheels usually have a great impact on the efficiency of a forklift. When they are not properly maintained it could lead to further damage or fatal accidents. In today's article, we give you five tips that you can consider to ensure you give your rim wheels the best care.

Avoid Using Unqualified servicemen

The handling of your rim wheels is as good as the people who you entrust with the regular maintenance.

OSHA recommends that anyone that you use to service the rim wheels be someone who has gone through training specific to rim wheels.

The key importance of training is that it not only helps with compliance with safety procedures but also proper handling of the rims wheels to limit unnecessary damage.

Avoid illegal Modifications

Forklift tire rim wheels that have gone through considerable use normally develop cracking due to wear and tear.

It can be tempting to perform modifications that involve welding heating and soldering as a way of repairing the wheels or wheel components.

However, this is discouraged as it will lead to the deformation of the structure of the wheel. Since such wheels naturally become weaker they can expose your forklift operators to accidents.

Avoid Overloading the Forklift

Forklifts are usually designed to handle a specific maximum weight which can be sustained by all the components that support the lifting mechanism.

Therefore when that specified weight is exceeded a lot of strain is put on these components stretching them beyond their capacity.

One of the components that are usually affected is the wheels. The overloading damages their structure leading to accelerated wear and tear giving way to deformations like cracking.

Avoid Over inflating The Forklift Tires

Forklift tires also come with a specified inflation pressure that should be adhered to. When the tire is overinflated or under-inflated, it can have two effects on the tires.

An over-inflated forklift pneumatic tire will exert a lot of pressure on the wheel damaging its structural composition and eventually leading to cracking.

On the other hand, when the wheel is under-inflated the wheels are forced to bear most of the shock generated by the forklift.

The continuous impact wheels will lead to accelerated wear and tear especially for bumpy terrain applications.

Avoid Using Incompatible Components

If you are using multi-piece wheels then you must use components from the same manufacturer.

Components from different manufacturers will most likely be incompatible and rub together instead of fitting in leading to increased wear and tear.

You should always ensure you are using the right components by following the manufacturer's matching charts and following markings on the component meant to guide you.

Article Summary: To ensure your rim wheels are given the best possible care you should avoid five things;

Using untrained servicemen for maintenance.

Illegal modifications as a means of repair.

Overloading the forklift during operations.

Over inflating or under-inflating the forklift tires.

Using incompatible parts on the rim wheels.

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