Five Pedestrian Mistakes That Lead To Forklift Related Injuries


Five Pedestrian Mistakes That Lead To Forklift Related Injuries

Five Pedestrian Mistakes That Lead To Forklif…

4th Dec 2020

Pedestrians are common victims when it comes to forklift-related accidents which end up in fatal injuries or death.

Some of the common injuries they are usually faced with are either; being crushed by a falling load, being crushed by a forklift or falling off from elevated tines.

However, most of these fatal accidents can be prevented if pedestrians avoid the following mistakes.

Standing Under elevated load

It is a fact that a good number of forklift operators usually do not properly secure the load on their forklift. What this means is that the load can fall off the forklift tines at any given time.

For this reason, pedestrians should avoid standing below or close to forklifts with an elevated load since they can easily get injured by a load falling off.

Forklift operators should also be keen to discourage pedestrians from moving close to the elevated load.

Failure To Heed The Forklift Horn

Emphasis has always been placed on forklift operators on using their horns while they are approaching corners on a forklift path.

It usually helps alert the pedestrians on the path who are not visible to the forklift operator to get out of the way.

Now failure on the part of the pedestrian to heed this warning exposes them to getting crushed by the forklift since the forklift will get to them when it is too late to move to safety.

Unsafe Elevation Using The Forklift

It's tempting to use the forklift as an elevator when you need to reach a load that is stacked high up by standing on the tines.

If this is not done using a secured safety platform it can expose you to all manner of accidents.

If the forklift is not standing on even ground it might end up tipping over as you get elevated and cause fatal injuries or even death.

Not Wearing Visibility Materials

Visibility is crucial to the safety of pedestrians especially in busy warehouses with a lot of forklift traffic.

One of the ways pedestrians can remain visible during operations is to use brightly colored safety jackets with reflector bands.

It is therefore important that every forklift operator makes use of these jackets to alert forklift operators of their presence.

Poor Communication with Forklift Operators

Communication is also a very key aspect when it comes to pedestrian safety.

If you cannot see the forklift operators they probably can't see you too and that increases your chances of getting crushed.

It is important to inform operators that you are entering the forklift area and only do so if they signal that it is safe for you.

Also, ensure you always look both ways while crossing the forklift area. It helps to be aware of oncoming forklifts.

Therefore to prevent forklift-related injuries always avoid standing under elevated load. When you hear the forklift horn the proper thing to do is to move out of the way. You should also ensure that you wear your visibility jacket. If you need to reach a load stacked high ensure you are using a secured platform. It is also helpful to always maintain communication with forklift operators. 

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