​Factors To Consider While Selecting A Pallet Jack


​Factors To Consider While Selecting A Pallet Jack

​Factors To Consider While Selecting A Pallet…

22nd Oct 2019

Question: What are some of the factors that I should consider while selecting a pallet jack? 

The Pallet Jack can be said to be a forklift in its most basic form. Apart from the fact that it does not have an engine with advanced technology, it performs everything that the forklift does although at a smaller scale.

Today, in most warehouses it is impossible to miss a pallet jack being used for some operations. However, there are different variations of pallet jacks which can make it difficult to settle on one that meets your needs.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the questions that should guide you to get the right pallet jack for your operations.

What Are Your Fork Length Requirements?

Pallet jacks are designed with different fork lengths meant to serve different load sizes. You should, therefore, ensure you pick a pallet with the right fork length as you might end up picking forks that are either too long or too short. Forks that are too long will make it extremely difficult to maneuver the forklift, especially in tight spaces. On the other hand, forks that are too short will expose the load to instability which can lead to the load falling off and getting damaged.

What Are Your Load Capacity Requirements?

You should also be keen to get a pallet jack that can match your load capacity requirements. For instance the manual pallet jacks can lift up to 5,000 kg of weight while the electric variety can lift up to 1500 kg. If you exceed the weight that has been specified you will either end up with a damaged pallet or expose your workers to injuries resulting from falling loads. It also very difficult for operators to control an overloaded pallet-they will either lose control of it or over-exert themselves leading to injuries.

What Are Your Lift Height Requirements

Different pallet jacks have different height requirements. You should ensure that the pallet jack you have your eye on meets both your lift height requirements and load capacity you intend to use if for at that height. Failure to meet the height requirements will force your operators to try and do the extra lifting needed to meet the desired height. This will expose them to back and hand strains. If the load you are lifting also fails to adhere to the lift height it will fall off leading to fatal injuries. If the nature of your operations demands a lot of lifting then you should ensure you go for the electric pallets jacks instead to prevent operator fatigue.

Therefore every time you go out to select a pallet jack ensure that you understand what your requirements are in terms of the fork length, load capacity and lift height. Doing so will ensure you operate efficiently with minimal accidents.

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