​Factors To Consider While Mounting And Demounting A Tire


​Factors To Consider While Mounting And Demounting A Tire

​Factors To Consider While Mounting And Demou…

12th Nov 2019

Forklift tires usually experience failure due to wear and tear which calls for an immediate replacement.

However, since the process of mounting or demounting a tire is very dangerous if not handled properly, great precaution needs to be taken to ensure no one is exposed to fatal injuries.

Apart from using experienced servicemen for this kind of work, there are some factors that you should put into consideration to maximize safety and minimize damage to the tires. Let us take a look at some of them;

Move To A Secure Environment

To keep your workers safe you should ensure the mounting/demounting of the tire is done in a place far from your normal operations. The environment set aside should also be restricted to the servicemen only For instance, when the tire beads and rims are mismatched the tire could blowout during mounting and this will lead to fatal injuries and damages. Therefore if the process is done in an area where other major operations are usually done the risk of damage is increased and the magnitude amplified.

Make Use Of Proper Equipment

The use of proper equipment for the mounting/demounting process is also crucial for safety.

A good example is when demounting a tire you should always see to it that you chock all the other wheels except the one being mounted so that the vehicle does not move unexpectedly.

The use of a heavy-duty jack to raise the heavy machinery is also recommended. However, it should be on a flat surface with steel stands used for support.

Conduct Proper Inspection

It is a wise thing to conduct a proper inspection of the tires during demounting/mounting.

Sometimes dust particles get stuck in the valves, therefore, they should be checked and the particles removed to ease clogging. Before mounting the components of the tire should be checked to ensure they are in good condition or replaced.

Some signs to look out for are cracking, deformation or corrosion. You should also check the inside of the tire to establish the presence of dirt which needs to be cleaned out.

Only Use Matching Components

Using matching components for the tires and rims is important for safe operations. For instance, using a combination of mismatching tire rims and beads can lead to tire blowouts which will expose the servicemen to fatal injuries.

You can always consult the tire manual provided by the manufacturer or check on the sidewall of the tire for specific details like dimensions of the tire width and recommended rim dimensions.

Source For Proper Lubricants

While demounting a tire you need to break through the beads so that removal of the tire is much easier.

The use of lubricant makes it easy for the tools you are using to properly break into the bead without destroying the tires.

It is also recommended that you avoid petroleum-based lubricants as they will eventually damage the tires.

Therefore always ensure your mounting and demounting is done in a secure area away from other operations. Encourage your servicemen to conduct a proper inspection of the tires especially before mounting them. The tires should also match with the rims in terms of manufacturer-recommended dimensions. Also, make use of proper mounting/demounting equipment and recommended lubricants.

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