​An Effective Lockout Tagout Procedure, What Does It Entail? (Part 1)


​An Effective Lockout Tagout Procedure, What Does It Entail? (Part 1)

​An Effective Lockout Tagout Procedure, What …

9th Nov 2019

Question: What does an effective Lockout Tagout procedure entail?

Maintenance of forklifts is highly recommended to keep them in good working condition. However, during maintenance, it is possible that an employee who is unaware that a forklift is under maintenance can start it accidentally.

Since this can lead to very serious injuries and damages, OSHA outlines Lockout/Tagout standards that should be followed to ensure this does not happen.

Therefore every employer is required to develop procedures that will guide their authorized employees on what to do. The procedures should be reviewed frequently to ensure they are relevant to the work environment in which they are used.

An effective lockout tagout procedure should cover the following;

Proper Communication

The procedure should outline who needs to be communicated to about the Lockout Tagout in detail. Doing so will ensure no one is unaware that a machine is under maintenance and goes ahead and starts it. You should ensure the communication covers employees across all shifts.

Proper Energy Cut off

A uniform and proper way of cutting off energy off the forklift should also be followed. It will include a detailed and uniform way of shutting down the forklift, procedures used to ensure the energy output is cut off using lockout or tag-out devices and ways of eliminating residual energy sources.

Verification and Testing

You can never be too sure that the energy of the forklift is properly cut off unless you do a test. Therefore your procedure should have a detailed outline of the tests needed to ensure the forklift has achieved a zero-energy state.

Features Of an Ideal Lockout Tagout device

They should be durable enough to withstand potential damage from corrosive elements.

They should come with standardized features that make them easily identifiable with short and clear instructions.

They should not be easily removed unless by a special instrument like a bolt cutter. However, setting up should easily be done by hand.

They should contain details of the person that is authorized to attach or remove them.

Therefore to ensure your lockout tagout process is effective, ensure you have a detailed lockout tagout procedure that outlines your communication, de-ernergization process, verification, and testing. You should also procure the right devices for your tagout/lockout to maintain efficiency. 

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