​5 Parts Of the Forklift That Are Vital For Raising Load


​5 Parts Of the Forklift That Are Vital For Raising Load

​5 Parts Of the Forklift That Are Vital For R…

17th Sep 2019

Over the years the forklift has taken center stage as one of the most important machines when it comes to material handling.

The forklift itself is a very complicated instrument and has different parts that working together to make it efficient.

In today's article, we focus on the different parts that engage the load.

Steering Wheel/Controls

The steering wheel and accompanying controls are usually located on the dashboard area inside the forklift operator's cabin.

When they are engaged they activate the lift cylinder and the tilt cylinder.

The lift cylinder is in charge of the upward movement of the load while the tilt cylinder places the mast at an angle to stabilize the load.

The Mast

The basic function of a forklift is to lift and transport different types of load. The forklift part that ensures this is done is the forklift mast since its core function is to lift and lower load.

Masts can either be single-stage, two-stage, three-stage or quad masts. All these cater to the different height requirements of diverse material handling operations.


The carriage is usually located in the front part of the mast to allow for up and down movements of the load. It acts as the supporting core for the forks(tynes) and the load backrest which are attached to it.

Load Backrest

The load backrest is a frame attached to the carriage and usually extends beyond the mast when it reaches its maximum height.

Its core function is to prevent the elevated load from falling back and harming the forklift operator.

It can always be customized to match the need of the warehouse in which it operates.


These are two elongated steel extensions attached to the carriage normally referred to as forks.

They perform the critical function of carrying the load being moved through insertion into wooden pallets that are attached to the load.

Tynes should be inspected every day before operations to ensure they are in good working condition. 

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