5 Key Features That Come With Modern Forklift Seats


5 Key Features That Come With Modern Forklift…

28th Jul 2019

The forklift seat is very important for the well being of a forklift operator during and after operations.

In the past forklifts were quite rigid and lacking in features that would ensure operator safety. They exposed the operators and warehouses to all manner of problems.

Some of the problems that they came with were;

1.Increase in injuries that resulted in the need of compensating the operators which is a costly endeavor.

2.Frequent downtime that resulted from the need to give the injured operators medical attention.

3.Need to find temporary or permanent replacement for the injured forklift operators which is costly.

However, modern forklifts are fitted with some vital features that ensure operator safety. Here is a look at some of them.

Mechanical Suspension Seats

One of the major health risks faced by forklift operators operating on uneven surfaces is body fatigue from forklift vibrations.

The mechanical suspension seats are usually fitted with levers and coil springs that are

very effective in absorbing shock during operations.

Therefore fitting your forklift with them is a great safety win.

Adjustable Slide Tracks.

A forklift's operators ability to reach for the forklift controls is very important for safety operations.

Since forklift operators have different heights one feature that will ensure they achieve comfort is a seat that can be adjusted horizontally.

One of the most important forklift features that will ensure all this is possible is the adjustable slide tracks that allow for horizontal adjustment.

Operator Presence Switch

It is a safety requirement that any forklift that has no operator should be switched off.

One feature that enables this is the Operator Presence System.

Even though it works differently for most forklifts it's key function is to shut down the forklift when the operator steps out.

It's proper functioning is usually triggered by the operator presence switch that is usually located on the operators seat for it to be more efficient.

Functioning Seat Belts

One common accident during forklift operations is the tip over.

The operator is usually thrown around during this accident leading to more fatal injuries.

However, a forklift seat that is fitted with seat belts can limit the extent of these injuries as they help hold back the operator from being thrown around.

Therefore it is important for every forklift seat to have working seat belts.

Adjustable Seat Back Rest

Operator comfort is important for forklift operators working long shifts.

To help prevent them from developing back problems they need to assume a proper sitting position.

One feature that helps them achieve this effectively is the adjustable backrest that they can fiddle with to get their most comfortable sitting position.

Therefore next time you go out shopping for a forklift seat you can look out for some of these features that are key to operator comfort. Ensure they come with mechanical suspension seats, adjustable slide tracks, operator presence switch, functioning seat belts, adjustable back rest. 

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