​Why Lithium-Ion Batteries Are An Ideal Cost Cutting Measure

​Why Lithium-Ion Batteries Are An Ideal Cost Cutting Measure

20th May 2020

COVID-19 has negatively impacted most businesses, therefore, it's no surprise that most of them are keen to cut down on their operational costs as a way of mitigating the circumstances.

If you run a warehouse/logistics company that employs heavy use of forklifts, one of the measures you can consider is the shift from using the lead-acid batteries to lithium-ion batteries.

Here are some of the cost related benefits that come with lithium-ion batteries;

Low Maintenance Costs

If you rely on forklifts powered by lead-acid batteries you've also probably set up a battery room where the maintenance of the batteries takes place. Now, setting up a battery room and managing it to meet regulatory requirements is very costly in the long run.

Lithium-ion batteries can help you eliminate the need for a battery room since they require zero maintenance which will go a long way in saving you maintenance fees.

You will also get to save the space previously set aside for the battery room to offer more storage for incoming goods.

Fast Charging Capacity

Downtime have a major impact on productivity and can adversely affect a business's bottom line. One of the causes of such downtime is usually the need to recharge the forklifts in between shifts when they are running low of charge.

The process needed to recharge lead-acid batteries is time-consuming as they also need to be given time to cool down after a charge.

Lithium-ion batteries can help cut down such incidents thanks to their fast charging capacity and ability to offer much better performance in comparison.

Longer Life Span

Forklifts batteries are one of the most expensive parts of the forklift, therefore, replacing them sooner than you need to should be the goal.

On average, lead-acid batteries will last for 5 years and up to 8 ten years with proper maintenance and use. For the same application, lithium-ion batteries can outlast them by up to two times their life cycle.

You can, therefore, exempt your business from costs associated with the replacement of the forklift batteries in the short term.


Due to COVID-19, one cost-cutting measure warehouses can use is replacing their costly lead-acid batteries with lithium-ion batteries for the following benefits;

Fast charging capacity that will cut down on downtime that have the potential to impact the business.

Huge savings on maintenance costs thanks to zero maintenance costs associated with lithium-ion batteries.

Deferred replacement costs due to their longer lifespan which is ideal for short term savings.

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