​Which Type of Scissor Lift Is Right for You? Here are five You Can Choose From.


​Which Type of Scissor Lift Is Right for You? Here are five You Can Choose From.

​Which Type of Scissor Lift Is Right for You?…

4th Mar 2020

Apart from forklifts, scissor lifts play a very vital role when it comes to supporting material handling operations that require elevation. There are 5 different types of scissor lifts that are mainly grouped according to the power sources that power their lifting systems.

In this article, we take you through the different scissor lifts in the market as per their power sources and the best applications for each.

Hydraulic Scissor lifts

Hydraulic scissor lifts have a hand-operated hydraulic system which acts as the power source for its lifting mechanism.

When pressure generated by a pump is applied to the hydraulic cylinders using oil the scissor legs connected to it are forced to elongate. To lower the lift, the pressure is reduced by opening a valve to allow oil back into the reservoir.

Since they do not emit any fumes these lifts are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Diesel and Electrical Scissor Lifts

In this case, the scissor lifts power their lifting mechanism using either diesel or electricity as their main source of power.

They are operated by a selector which controls the up and down movement of the scissor lift and a joystick which controls the side movements.

Diesel scissor lifts generate a lot of fumes which makes them ideal for use outdoors to avoid suffocation. On the other hand, the electric scissor lifts are best suited for indoor use due to zero-emission and compact size.

Pneumatic Scissor lifts

Pneumatic scissor lifts power their lifting capacity using air as the sole power source.

They do not have a complicated engine but a simple mechanism that allows it to draw air from the atmosphere then apply pressure on it to elongate the scissor legs.

Of all the other scissor lifts they are the easiest to maintain due to a few parts. They also pose zero risks to the environment. For this reason, you will find them being used indoors and outdoors.

Rough Terrain Scissor Lifts

These scissor lifts are usually enlisted for some of the most intense outdoor work therefore they are powered using diesel, gas, propane to provide an endless source of power.

They have a bulky built thanks to the nature of their work and are fitted with large tires compared to other scissor lifts to enable them to withstand and navigate rough terrains effortlessly.

Article Summary

You can choose from a range of five different scissor lifts to power your material handling applications;

The hydraulic scissor lifts

The Electric scissor lifts

The Diesel scissor lifts

Pneumatic Scissor Lifts

Rough terrain scissor lifts

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