What Makes An Ideal Forklift Fleet Management System?


What Makes An Ideal Forklift Fleet Management System?

What Makes An Ideal Forklift Fleet Management…

21st Sep 2020

Forklift fleet management has been made easy thanks to advanced technology that makes it possible to use data science for analysis.

Therefore, today, a fleet management system is your best at ensuring that you are getting the most out of your forklift.

Since there is all manner of forklift management software out there choosing one can be overwhelming. In this article, we look at some of the key features that a forklift fleet management software should provide for you.

An Overview Of Your Forklift Fleet Utilization

The utilization of a forklift determines by a great margin how much ROI you will get from it.

However, to accurately measure utilization you will need your review to be backed by proper data for accuracy.

Therefore a good forklift management system should provide you with data related to the forklifts running time, 24-hour utilization, mileage, and traveling working hours.

Analysis of such data will help you understand how underutilized or overutilized the forklifts are.

A Forklift Safety Management Report For Analysis

Forklifts are some of the major contributors to accidents in the warehouse, therefore minimizing this risk should be a key priority.

A good fleet management system should provide you with critical information to help you identify the risk areas unique to your forklift operations.

Some of the important aspects that it should capture are incidents of over-speeding, unfastened seatbelts, alarm details, and any risky behavior.

An Overview of Your Forklift Operator's Performance

Forklift Operators are key to the efficiency of your forklift operations, therefore you need to keenly monitor their performance.

A good forklift fleet management system should provide you with important information on the driver like whether they are putting in adequate working hours, their history of violations, and their general productivity.

You can therefore identify areas that your operators need training on and what measures you can put in place to improve their performance.

Forklift Operator Authorization Management Measures

One of the major causes of unsafe forklift operations is the operation of the forklifts by unauthorized personnel.

An effective way of preventing this is through the adoption of measures that ensure only authorized personnel have access to the forklift.

A good fleet management system should help you achieve this by allowing you to determine who can access the forklift and who can't.

You will, therefore, rest assured that only your trained personnel have access to the forklifts.

Provides Updated Forklift Maintenance Information

A forklift's maintenance is important for both efficient and safe operations.

A key factor that determines the frequency of a forklift's maintenance needs is its usage.

Since the forklift fleet management system already monitors fleet utilization, you will be in a better position to determine how frequently to schedule maintenance visits incase of heavy use.

Article Summary

A forklift fleet management system should be able to provide you with the following;

Forklift utilization data.

Forklift Safety Management.

Operation Authorization control.

Operator Performance.

Forklift Maintenance Planning.

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