​Top Three Problems That Hydrogen Fuel Cells Will Solve For You

​Top Three Problems That Hydrogen Fuel Cells Will Solve For You

20th Jun 2020

Hydrogen Fuel Technology is proving to be a formidable solution for powering forklifts. It works through the use of a fuel cell that is made up of anode, cathode, and electrolyte.

To generate electricity the fuel cell splits hydrogen molecules into electrons and protons with the electrons being transmitted through the circuit to provide power.

Unlike lead-acid batteries that need replacement every three years, the fuel cells can last up to ten years and can survive some of the harshest weather conditions out there making them a very cost-effective option.

Adopting forklifts that use fuel cell technology can help you solve problems associated with downtime, limited space, and safety. Let's see look at them in much more detail.

Prolonged Downtime

When you are using lead-acid batteries for long shifts, you need to ensure that the batteries are fully charged to avoid multiple mid-shift battery changes that can waste time and impact productivity due to prolonged downtime.

To avoid such prolonged downtime, you can opt to use the hydrogen fuel cells which only take 3 minutes to be refueled and have an energy efficiency of up to 60% guaranteeing you more up time. They also deliver constant power to ensure the forklift is operating at maximum efficiency all through the shift.

They will, therefore, save you time, boost the efficiency and productivity of your warehouse by a great margin.

Lack Of Space

One of the costly aspects associated with lead-acid batteries is the need to install a battery room that caters for battery maintenance. These battery rooms usually take up space in the warehouse as they need to be easily accessed.

Batteries that are powered through the use of hydrogen fuel cell technology do not need such maintenance eliminating the need for battery rooms which will ensure you save more space for storage.

Safety Concerns

Unsafe work conditions are not only a threat to the well being of workers but can also be costly to your business.

For instance, using lead-acid batteries exposes your operators to the threat of acid-burns and harmful emissions like hydrogen that can explode if they are inflamed in high concentrations.

In comparison hydrogen fuel cell batteries only emit water vapor and mild heat which do not present a significant threat. Therefore there will be no need to install expensive accident prevention/response mechanisms saving your company a huge bill.


Therefore adopting fuel cell technology for your forklifts will help you solve the problem of prolonged downtime as they take less time to charge and are energy efficient. You will have more space for storage as you no longer need to set up a battery room to handle battery maintenance. Since they do not emit harmful gases and the technology does not expose you to dangerous chemicals you will create a much safer working space.

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